Your Palm Reading Indicators for Leadership

These palmistry indicators shown below are helpful in identifying your strong leadership qualities.
Leadership indicator A.

A: Your Jupiter Finger (Index finger) has a long middle zone:

  • You are worldly and have high ambitions. You have extraordinary motivation and dedication for reaching the highest goals. You have both a strong desire to do huge important projects as well as you have the leadership talents to make them happen. Your creativity and leadership will lead the way to great successes in life.

Leadership indicator B.

B: “Star of Jupiter”:

  • You have the capability and inclination to reach the top. This valuable mark indicates your strong natural drive to succeed and achieve high status. This rare mark called Star of Jupiter, traditionally represents “fame and fortune” in leadership. Of course, there are no guarantees — just repeating what most palmists would tell you.

Leadership indicator C.

C: Wide Thumb Angle:

  • You have a strong desire to take action to achieve your goals using your own natural leadership skills. This inner natural drive is one of your most valuable indicators for success. Most strong leaders and business CEO’s have this wide thumb angle.
  • You have a confident inner power that tells you that you can tackle any manual task and succeed. You know that failure is not an option. Your big thumb angle gives you the confidence that there is no task you can’t do successfully. Further, this big thumb angle indicates you are eager to get started on tackling any problems ahead.

Leadershipy indicator D.

D: Long Fate Line leading to below Index Finger:

  • You are very ambitious and have high energy for succeeding in all tasks. You complete every detail once you start on a task, especially if the task is challenging and provides assistance and help for others you care about.
  • You seldom fail to reach your goal, even when the job seems impossible. You are a determined and well-organized worker who does not stop until all your goals are reached.

Leadership indicator E.

E: Upturned Head Line at end:

  • You put succeeding above all else. You will willingly give up comforts now in order to succeed later in something of higher value. You concentrate on the end benefits in all jobs. When necessary, you can be unmerciful and do anything to make sure you win and succeed.

Your Best Career Involves Leadership

You will do well in a career or job where you have the opportunity to let your natural leadership unfold. It gives you great satisfaction when your natural leadership is not inhibited, and you can see your own personal power accomplish great tasks easily. Don’t be surprised to see that you succeed where others have failed because they lacked your type of natural leadership and personal power.

When your position of leader is threatened, you are quick to show hostility. This is not dangerous such that you would hurt others. Rather it is like the cat and dog that bristle their fur to look bigger and more fierce to scare and intimidate the opponent. You also tend to do that with your body language and voice raised.

Even though you have the desire and drive to be a leader, it may be very beneficial to take some training in management skills to learn some of the advanced techniques of management.