You Can Also Build Your Own Car Insurance Business

Suppose you are searching on the Internet for the cheapest auto insurance. You spend a lot of time looking to compare as many different rates as you can from many different companies, but you are not satisfied because the differences between them are not so significant to you.

Searching for cheapest things

But, you are also always searching on the Internet to find things at a reasonable price. Nice things are almost always expensive, like a good computer or a good car. Often, cheap prices mean that you will end up with a bad product.

Wasting your time on the Internet

I’m sure you surf all over the Internet almost every day and keep wasting your time doing that. You probably see many ads from companies for products you want to buy. Any time you click a link for a product, you immediately get thousands of links that belong to “real companies,” but how do you know which are real?

Real companies? No, just brokers…

How is it possible to have so many thousands and thousands of companies? But what you don’t know is that the Internet is completely full of… BROKERS. Of all those links you see from different companies from the first page until page 20 or 50 or to the end of your Google results, probably around 90% are brokers. There are only a few real companies behind all of these links. For each “real” company on Earth, there are hundreds or thousands of brokers behind them.

Don’t you get tired of working like a slave?

Don’t you get tired of always searching for cheap things? Searching for the most affordable clothes, laptop, food, car, house, apartment, car insurance… and still counting your money until the last penny, always calculating if you have enough money for paying gas, electricity, rent, etc., even counting how many days left you have for the next paycheck. Don’t you get tired of working like a beast? What is that? That is not a life. Take a look in the mirror. What do you see? A slave, that’s what you are now, a slave that works for the rich and smart people.

Get your business in the first pages of Google results

You probably wonder, as you’re surfing the Internet, “How can I be the owner of one of those links? How can I have my own company and have a link on the first page of Google when someone searches for my product?” You might also wonder, “How can I make money that way if I don’t know anything about computers?”… You can have many questions. And then you get disappointed because you think that this kind of business is just for very intelligent people like computer programmers, software engineers, or just people with good enough computer knowledge because all you know about computers is how to chat, watch movies, send emails, and check Facebook.

The Prosperous Broker

But you should know that you can also have your own company, you can also be “very intelligent” like them. You also can have a link appear in the first or second page of Google results when anyone searches for the product you sell. You also can be an ” a prosperous broker” and make money from any place with the Internet without working like a donkey carrying out boxes, or any other dirty job. But to do this, you also have to work very hard like a donkey, but in a different way: working from your home and just using your intelligence.

Building a Car Insurance Company

So, you like the idea of doing this, but how? Suppose you are searching on the Internet for the Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes, and suddenly you think it sounds like a good idea to have your own company, even though you realize your computer skills are subpar. No matter: if you are a little bit smart, you can realize that on the Internet you can find many companies where you can get done a website for yourself. All you have to do is search “how can I make a website,” and you will get a bunch of companies that make websites.

Finding a Domain Name

The first step is to think about a “domain name” for your site, and this should be a word related to the company you would like to have. Suppose you want to build a car insurance company. First, go to Google Keyword. You should take into account that to find a word with a high monthly search nowadays is almost impossible, but you can find a word or a phrase related to any product using the Google Keyword tool with a barely “100 monthly search” in order to register it as a domain name. You can choose one of them and go with any web hosting; I recommend “GoDaddy.” You should register your domain name and pay for the hosting.

They do everything for you: website, SEO, etc.

You can also get a website with them, and you need a landing page, which they can take care of for you. My intention is not to go too deep into this matter since my computer knowledge is limited, and it is not possible to address it all in this article. To start this business, you will need at least $3,000, but it would be better if you have $5,000 to dedicate. With that amount of money, you can build your own car insurance business. I might say that the most difficult and important thing is not the website, but the promotion you can build for your site. You can choose any SEO company on the Internet and pay for promotion to build links back to your site.

Publishing articles: a way to build links back to your site

An easy way for you to increase exposure is to write articles about any keyword related to your business. In this case, you might write articles about auto insurance and publish them, for example, here on Imagine that this is going to be like your own lottery: you won’t see the money maybe after 6 or 8 months or even a year, and you never are going to see millions of dollars. If you think you are going to be millionaire, forget about it.

A little money at the beginning

When you start to make money from your business, it’s going to be just a little money. Everything depends on how you build a good strategy to develop your site as much you can. In spite of all the money that you can spend on SEO, you can write as many articles you can and have all of them pointing to your website. The idea is to write at least three articles per week: good, interesting, and original articles related to your car insurance company.

Keep writing publishing as many articles you can, and don’t stop

Imagine that after one year you have published 100 articles about insurance companies, and all of those articles link back to your website. If you can do this, you will never need to spend money on SEO or pay-per-click. What you have to do is keep writing articles all the time, and also not research too much about some other companies on the Internet to avoid “Copy Scape.” Imagine how extensive your exposure will be after three or five years, with 300 or 400 articles that you wrote pointing to your site. I can say for sure that you will never need to spend any money on promotion, and your website will be in the first or second page anytime someone searches for your product.

Better to live life as the poor guy in the short-term than to live as the poor guy for the long-term

After two or three years, you will be earning a few thousand dollars, which is enough for you and your family. At that point, you will also have some skills to build and develop as many websites as you can. Your life is going to be much better, and now you can enjoy it. It’s always better to work very hard and live as a poor guy for just two or three years instead of living all your life as a poor guy. Good luck with your car insurance company.

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