Top 10 Best Known Celebrity Breast Augmentation Operations..Ever!

Plastic surgery is rife amongst female celebrities, everything from nose jobs, tummy tucks right through to breast implants.

The reason is that the music and film industry is especially tough for women. A big part of the reason Female stars are chosen for roles is for their beauty, as well as their star x factor.

Here we list the top 10 most well known celebrity breast implants of all time…

10. Tara Reid


Tara Reid, the American born model and actress is famous for appearing on hit TV shows such as Scrubs, California Dreams and Saved By The Bell (years ago).

As she has aged she succumbed to the pressures of Hollywood and had numerous plastic surgery operations. Her most famous was her boob job, which unfortunately went horribly wrong at the first attempt! She had to revisit her plastic surgeon and get the operation done again to correct the problem.

She states the reason for the original breast implant operation was misshapen breasts. Her male partners kept pointing it out to her until one day she finally decided : “I´m getting older, I work in Hollywood, let´s sort out my breasts”

She is apparently now happy with the final result.