This Talking Mousepads Will Respond to Where, How Strongly You Fondle Their Chests


Isn’t it kind of depressing when your booby anime mousepad just sits there in silence?

That’s the reason why a new company called “VOPPAI” has made a bold/skeevy advancement in mousepad technology. 

The busty characters will respond to the massages, gropes, and rubs of the user depending on the location and pressure on their silicone assets.

The company posted this video of the prototype in action:

Besides the character featured above, they also plan on producing THIS dubiously licensed Hooters employee:

Even if you don’t speak a word of Japanese, you can probably tell from her tone of voice that Shizuku, the first of two original characters designed for the Voppai line, isn’t giving you advice on how to file your taxes. Instead, her breathy comments translate as:

“When you rub them gently, I get shivers.”

“Are you kind enough to like my boobs?”

“I…want to squeeze something between them, right here.” 

Thanks Japan!