This Girl Invents Pointless Robots That Suck at Their Jobs So We Can Laugh at Them


You see this woman right here? 

This is Simone Giertz she’s an inventor from Stockholm, Sweden and creates robots that suck. On purpose. Because of her fascination with creating crappy machines, she’s earned the nickname, “Queen of the Sh*tty Robots.”

You may have seen her YouTube channel, Simone’s Robots. She’s got over 170,000 subscribers who tune in daily to see the latest crappy mechanical creation she’s managed to cook up. 

Like this breakfast machine:

This toothbrush machine:

This chopping machine:

This lipstick tobot: 

And this hair-washing bot:

Yes. It’s hilarious, because they’re clearly so bad at what they do.

The real question is, how did Simone even come up with the idea of creating robots that seem to have no other purpose than to just suck at what they were designed to do? 

In an interview with BuzzFeed, Giertz said that while studying at advertising school, Hyper Island, the idea came to her when she discovered an open-source hardware community of tinkerers.

And because she had never “seen anyone invent sh*tty robots in such a diligent way before” she decided to go all-in.

“Pretty much all of my inventions come about the same way. I have an everyday problem or something that I’m too lazy to do, so I make a machine that does it for me.” Giertz said.

She says it’s a much better use of her time than just “scrolling away [her] life on Facebook.” And I mean, she’s kinda right, she’s making a living doing what she loves: making silly, useless inventions for our amusement.

What’s her favorite invention? Popcorn Helmet. What, you’ve never seen one before?

Replace the popcorn with some sour patch kids and now we’re talking.

What motivates Giertz? Weirdness. “Being able to pull off weird is my constant life goal.” She says.

I think she’s got that covered.