Things Movie Directors Didn’t Want You To Know…

Have you ever wondered how actors prepare for their roles, how the roles influence their real lives, or secret tricks they may use to achieve the perfect character? Let us just say this….the movie world is a bit odd at times….but that can make a kick a$$ acting job. Every actor’s goal is to win an academy award at some point in their careers….and, they’ll do whatever it takes to get there. Some of the other oddities happen during casting, stage design, or even while the movie is actually filming! So, next time you have a movie night, keep your eyes open. You may surprised at the secret things you’ll catch.

Fight Club


In the Fight Club scene where Tyler Durden is giving the “we were all raised to believe that one day we would be millionaires and movie gods and rock stars”, he says “Rock Stars” directly to Angel Face played by Jared Leto. Leto formed 30 Seconds to Mars the year prior to the movie being made. 30 Seconds to Mars has since had a Platinum album.

The Silence of the Lambs


The FBI provided full cooperation in the movie “The Silence of the Lambs”. It is reported that this was because they felt it would encourage more females to join the agency.



When Arnold throws the machete at an enemy and pins him to a wall, he says “Stick around”. This was ad-libbed by arnold

Edward Scissorhands


Vincent Price’s role as “The inventor” was specifically written for him. His last scene in the movie is his death, and this death scene was his last film performance before he died.



The crew of Aliens placed a balloon hooked up to an air pipe where Sigourney’s butt would rest on the power loader. They then inflated the balloon to make Sigourney think the man inside the power loader suit behind her was getting aroused.

A Knights Tale


When Chaucer (Paul Bettany) acts as herald after the sword duel, nobody in the crowd reacted to the announcement because they were all Czech extras and did not understand English. The loud prompt by Mark Addy was what tipped off the extras to start cheering. This was all left in the final cut.

The Shining


Every scene where Jack talks to a ghost, there is a mirror, except for the food locker scene, but he talks to the ghost Grady through a shiny metal door.

Event Horizon


The rotating corridor that separates the Gravity Drive from the rest of the ship represents the 9 circles of hell. The Gravity Drive represents hell its self.

The Number 23


Jim Carrey was paid exactly $23 million to act in the movie, and it was Joel Shumacher’s 23rd movie he had directed.

The Warriors


Film trucks were “protected” by a real New York gang called “The Mongrels”. This protection cost $500 a day.

Blade Runner


In scene where a snake scale is looked at under an electron microscope, it is actually a marijuana bud.

The Goonies


The pirate ship was real. After filming, the ship was offered for free to anyone who would take it, but nobody wanted it. The ship was scrapped.

The Road


Of all the cast characters, only 1 actually has a name. The old man who refers to himself as Ely.

The Terminator


O.J. Simpson was considered for the Terminator. Producers opted for Arnold because they felt O.J. was too nice to depict a cold blooded killer.

The Crucible


Daniel Day-Lewis did not bathe or shower from the beginning of filming to wrap. He lived in the set’s replica village without electricity or running water and built his characters on set house.

The Descent


The appearance of “the creatures” was kept a secret from the cast members until the first scene they encounter one. The actresses were genuinely scared.

Sling Blade


Billy Bob Thorton put broken glass into his shoes to make his walk more awkward and consistent.

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