The Worlds Best ‘Anything Goes’ Beaches And Their Parties

As most of the northern hemisphere is blanketed in rain, fog, and snow, its good to remember that summer is coming! In this article we take a look at some of the worlds wildest beaches and the parties that they throw. Its time to book a holiday with your travel agent, get beach body ready, and sit by the fire dreaming of the mojitos and crazy hotties of summer.

1. Cala Jondal Beach Ibiza

Ibiza Beach Club, Cala Jondal, Tropicana, Blue Marlin

Cala Jondal is an amazing beach on an island renowned and worshiped by mere mortals and celebrities alike for its seemingly endless range of phenomenal beaches. This beach can only be reached by car, or if you are loaded, private yacht. The beach is surrounded by pine trees and jagged cliffs, and is liberally dotted with exclusive restaurants which are popular with the rich and famous. Its quite common in Ibiza to bump into rockstars, footballers, and movie/tv stars, we recommend the Blue Marlin club which is one of the most famous VIP beach clubs on the island if you are into celebrity spotting. Sundays are also great at the Tropicana beach club. It can get pricey so save a few bucks eating like the locals at the wonderful Spanish chiringuitos.