The Top 10 Most Expensive Movies Ever Made!

10. King Kong (2005)

10 king kong

Director: Peter Jackson

Cost of production: $250 million USD

Peter Jackson, director of the Lord Of The Rings AND Hobbit Trilogy is used to handling massive budgets, and making 3 hour + movies that glue the audience to their seats. But King Kong was considered a large risk for Universal Pictures as the budget grew out of control from an initial estimate of $150 million all the way up to it´s final cost of over $250 million.

A good deal of the budget was spent on animating Kong himself. Witness some of the fantastic scenes in the film – such as a 25 foot Kong delivering death to 3 T Rex´s at once, and you´ll have some idea how this massive budget was spent.

Luckily for Universal Pictures, Peter Jackson delivered once again and the picture became the fourth highest grossing film for the studio of all time (it finally made over $550 million)