Teen Stars Screwing Up Their Lives!

Miley Cyrus



The former Disney child star who was once quoted as saying “I know what I’m doing. I know I’m shocking you” is a far cry from her days playing Hanna Montana for the Disney Series. From her latest world tours in which she suggestively gyrated (naked) on a giant hot dog, through to her Twitter and Instagram accounts, (which are basically just albums of naked selfies), it is clear that she has achieved a complete 180 from the Disney character she was once so well known for.

She´s still young and has time to grow out of this phase however, but one wonders if she would have such notoriety without the shock tactics. Only time will tell.

Oh and if you´re wondering why she always sticks her tongue out, here´s Miley to fill you in:

“I just stick my tongue out because I hate smiling in pictures. It’s so awkward. It looks so cheesy.”