Someone Is Replacing Guns in Your Favorite Movies With Selfie Sticks And It’s Oddly Fitting


The selfie stick is mightier than the gun.

That’s the thesis — maybe — of Guns Replaced with Selfie Sticks, a Tumblr page that’s giving classic movies scenes a Kardashian-friendly twist.

While your favorite action stars might look badass while wielding their guns, replacing their firearms with selfie sticks is undeniably hilarious.

George Clooney tries to find his perfect lighting. 

Kurt Russel wants everyone on Instagram to check out his dope fur hat. 

The Terminator is going for a #natural #nomakeup look here. 

Robert DeNiro hopes his thoughtful, furrowed-brow selfie will go over well on Snapchat. 

Brad Pit is like “Hey guys, look at all these bodies!”

Dirty Harry, taking a break for one well-lit beauty shot. 

Vincent and Jules are the Kings of the Pouty Face.

Harry Potter, whose selfie caption will inevitably be “I just found out my Patronus is a stag, WHAAAAAAAAAA???!!”  

Anyway, do you guys think Indiana Jones would have taken nudes?