Some of the Weirdest Jobs In The World

Do you think your job sucks? Are you not happy with what you are doing for a living? Well, just know that there is always someone out there with a worse job than yours. So, be grateful! Here are a few of the weirdest jobs out there.



Your deodorant doesn’t just work by some magical force. Scientists carefully create formulas in laboratories and the product cannot be marketed and sold until it has gone through rigorous testing by armpit sniffers. With an average salary of only $22,000, you have to wonder what else these people are sniffing to take such a job.

Golf Ball Diver


This is Wes Stanfield, he’s a golf ball diver. I had no idea there was such a job until a recent trip to the JW Marriott in Palm Desert. While on a boat ride to our restaurant they told us that once a month a diver came in and collected all the golf balls in the pond. The diver then sold the balls back to the golf shop for $0.50-$1.00 each and collected around 1000 each dive. I still can’t believe this! Sounds like a pretty awesome job. Some bodies of water are more fierce than others. The pond where we stayed seems pretty laid back but places that Wes Stanfield takes on have had snapping turtles, poisonous snakes and a feisty alligator that’s big enough to drag a man into a death roll. Apparently, Stanfield can hold his own because the last time one attacked him, he kept its head as a souvenir.



According to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary, sexology is “the study of sex or of the interaction of the sexes especially among human beings.” So a sexoigist has sex all day… right? No, unfortunately they just study everything from normal sexual development to pathologies such as sexual abuse. People in this field can get certified by The American Board of Sexology for certification, or Diplomate status. Studying sex all day still sounds better than what I do.

Worm Picker


When you go fishing you usually pick up some bate, worms, from the store on the way to the water. Ever wonder where those worms came from? The job of a warm picker usually begins when everybody else is asleep. The best time to search for worms is in the dark and especially when it’s raining. It sounds pretty simple: They walk around grassy areas, such as gardens, parks, and golf courses, after dark and picks up earthworms and stuff them in a cup to be sold. Salary Ranges from $17,000 – $44,000. Sounds like a good summer job for a kid.

Vomit Collector


Entertainment parks are as good as their most stomach-churning rides. Meet Rhys Owen, the official vomit collector at Thorpe Park, a theme park in England. “I absolutely love rollercoasters and the perk of being able to ride them for free makes the sick collection worth it – I may have to invest in a nose peg though!,” says Owen. People like Owen are vomit collectors and are literally hired to clean up the most thrilling amusement parks.

Professional Cuddler


How’d you like to make a dollar a minute to lay in bed and just cuddle with someone? Well that’s exactly what Jackie Samuel does. She makes her clients acknowledge that no sex will be involved during the session (sexual arousal is fine), but for $60 anyone can snuggle up with 29-year-old Jackie Samuel for an entire hour. Samuel has started to expand this business by offering new services, like reading bedtime stories, and hired a red-headed associate named Colleen. For $2 a minute you can have a “double cuddle” with both girls. Psh, people say there are no jobs, but you can just make one up!!

Furniture Tester


Reality is, we all love good quality furniture. Some manufacturers already have a quality control unit, some of them even utilize companies that use furniture testing machines to test strength and rigidity of their products. Some of them even test if a certain leather or furniture is flammable using fire and chemicals. All the machines in the world won’t tell them how comfortable furniture will be for a human’s butt so they bring in real live testers. What did you do at work today man? Oh I sat on 83 different chairs, it was exhausting.

Whiskey Ambassador


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