People Who Tragically Died Taking Selfies

It’s the age of endless selfies and almost everyone are taking photos of themselves including old grandmas to little babies. People even take the extra mile just to perfect that great selfie of a lifetime. After all, the feeling is just amazing after looking at your selfie and realizing it came out stunning.

A selfie however should not cost you your precious life no matter how amazing it was taken. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened to these people who tragically died while trying to get the ultimate selfie.

There’s A Tornado? Lemme Take A Selfie First!

This guy doesn’t count because he was fortunately not harmed while taking this risky picture but he could have been. This selfie was taken in the middle of a tornado. While most people run away upon seeing one, this guy on the other hand even had the guts to take a shameless selfie.