Palmistry reading – life line

The gap on the life line, warning of the danger. The gap is only a warning, not the sentence because your life is in your hands. If you do nothing, the one who has such a line, may die.

The gap appears through is not the right way of life, for example through nerves or depression. Those who had separation on the life line, survived a car accident or had surgery.

Also, problems arise through poor lifestyle choices, such as smoking, alcohol abuse or drug abuse.

life line

When the line is not clear after the break and slowly disappears – the disease was not defeated. Man will die not cured.

life line

Islet warns about diseases or problems.

If several small islands – many challenges.

One big island – one big problem.

Islet says as physical and psychological illnesses. By psychological diseases include: loss of a loved one (death), the gap loving relationship or a quarrel.

life line