Palmistry fate line

Now consider all the characters that belong to the line of destiny and to the hill of Saturn.

1 ring under Saturn on both hands – suicide. If only one hand, suicide. If such a sign in a child, he could escape from the house. Such people are unhappy and poor.
2 Grate – financial trouble.
3 Circle with point – a big problem. Such a person needs help.
4 Point – a big nuisance. In such a case, the person is able to solve the problem yourself.
5 Star – problems at work. Possible financial problems.
6 Islet – heavy periods. Financial problems or disease.
7 Square – in Palmistry is a sign of protection.
8 Triangle – success and victory. Positive aspects of human life.
9 Chain – a lot of small problems, life troubles.
10 Cross – troubles associated with suffering.

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