15 Photos That Prove Australia Is the Craziest Place in the World

The land down under will surprise you in so many ways that you might consider it as one of the craziest places on earth- but hey, what do you expect from Australia? It is no secret that this country had been founded by prisoners on a continent isolated from the rest of the world for almost 40 million years.

You don’t want to believe us? To see is to believe. Check out this attention-grabbing headline: Top End Man attacked by croc, escaped by wrestling and poking it in the eyes, then drank beer as first aid. Yes, it ain’t no lie.

Not yet convinced? Here are 16 photos that will make you change your mind:

Big and Giant Crocodile:


We all know that crocodiles abound Australia and we are talking about the huge and gigantic ones. This is a saltwater croc which measures about five and a half meters- or if converted in feet, is said to be 18 feet in length. Sure, the dinosaurs no longer exist but these descendants of them prove to us how ferocious they can be.