MX Player: Best Mobile Video Player

mx-player-girl-1 MX Player is one of the best apps that can be used to play various types of videos on your mobile phone. It is the first mobile video player which supports multi-core decoding. It can let you enjoy all your videos on your mobile phone with amazing quality and fluency.

MX Player review:

The highlight of this application is, undoubtedly, its controls. The design of this app allows you to drag your finger across the screen so you can be able to handle the basic parameters if the video requires this type of tools.

Plus, by sliding your finger up or down you get up or down the screen brightness while making from right to left you can advance or rewind the video. It also allows the popular “zoom by pinching” to zoom in or zoom out style Photo Gallery of the device. Certainly a number of innovations that will be of great help in handling with great ease this player.

Similarly, clicking on the screen during playback get quick information on the remaining battery charge and time. With this convenient feature will not have to submit to background video you’re watching or minimize the window to see this information in the section on notifications Android.

As if that were not enough, the style of the most used players for PC, with this DVD MX you can include closed captions in videos and customize a thousand ways, introducing different colors and edges as well as adjusting its size to make them more intrusive as possible.