Internet Hero Live-Tweets Being Stuck in A Closet After Girl’s Boyfriend Came Home


The following may be the greatest Internet story ever told.

This man featured below was hooking up with a girl when her boyfriend suddenly came home. He subsequently got shoved into a closet… and live-Tweeted all that happened next.

How It All Began…

This sucks, but whatever. He’s coolin.

She’s a Keeper!

She also may be 12. Why does she have Capri Sub at home?!?

Time to Eat!

Gotta wash that Capri Sun taste out of your mouth, man.


Like we said before, she’s a total keeper.

This is Bigger Than Popeye’s

Dammit, Miles! Do as I say!

Stay Cool, Miles

Just keep going the speed limit. Don’t test your luck.


William Wallace was right. This is awesome!

A Hero’s Work is Done

It’s been a long night. Let Miles bump this Carti and tuck himself in.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter was pretty excited by the whole thing…

We won’t get into the whole cheating thing, but we do have some serious questions. How did she sneak him the Capri Sun? What was in the Popeyes that Miles liberated?!

Hopefully one day we will know.