International Borders, Compare and Contrast Pics….Very Interesting!

If you think about it, the fact that 2 or more different countries can exist on the same piece of land is quite interesting. Same land, yet different cultures, customs, languages, etc. What is even more intriguing are the visual variations of each country, although they share the same land. It represents what politics, and general beliefs can do to a nation…

Mexican and U.S. border


Mexico right, and US left.

Mexican and U.S. border


This was a volleyball game in the 1970’s using the Mexican/U.S. border as the net.

Haiti and the Dominican Republic


The border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Haiti practiced no control of deforestation, whereas the Dominican Republic (albeit under a dictatorship) practiced a severe protection of its forest resources.

Haiti and the Dominican Republic


Another angle.

Norway and Sweden


 Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay


India and Pakistan


This International Space Station image captures the floodlit border between India, above the orange line, and Pakistan, below the border in the picture.

India and Pakistan


Wagah border between India and Pakistan. They have a ‘lowering of flag’ ceremony everyday in the evening, simultaneously by each side.

Hong Kong and Mainland China


Hong Kong and Mainland China used to share a border on the same street. One side of the road was British and the other was Chinese. The border was marked with stone obelisks running down the center. The photo is of a British military policeman and a Chinese police officer eyeing each other up.

Germany and the Czech Republic


Two different approaches were taken to bark beetle infestation – silvicultural intervention versus intentional neglect. This is the result.

South Korea and North Korea


The entire dark region is North Korea, and when the lights resume farther up it’s along the border with China.

U.S./Canadian border in Vermont


Former Berlin East/West wall


This is a recent photo of an old border. One can clearly see the former Berlin East/West frontier from the cold war. The picture was taken from space in April 2013 by Commander Chris Hadfield. This difference comes from the fact that in the East (ex Soviet Union satellite state), there are mainly lightbulbs with sodium gas while there are mainly halide bulbs in the West (ex Allied-occupied sector).

Malaysia and Singapore


Notice the difference in road surface.

Israel and Egypt


Differences in agricultural utilization and grazing make it possible to see the Israel/Egypt border from space.

Have you ever been at two places at once? Find your nearest border of any kind…two cities, two states, or even two countries. There! You can scratch that off your bucket list. Share with friends!

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