Celebrities With Weird Medical Problems – You Will Be Shocked!


Celebrities seem to have it all – money, fame, power and good looks! It’s enough to make a man (or woman) jealous and feel a little bit small..

But they are still human, just like the rest of us and are subject to the same nasty, weird diseases that we all have to face.
Here we list top celebrities that have had to battle all manner of medical problems – there are some shocking ones here so be sure to read through the article to the end!

Catherine Zeta Jones Bipolar Disorder

6 Catherine Zeta Jones Bipolar Disorder

You would never guess it to look at or watch her onscreen, but Catherine Zeta Jones has suffered from bipolar disorder most of her adult life. The disease is characterized by violent mood swings, depressive episodes, and general emotional instability.

She was checked into a mental health facility in April of 2013, where she was treated with powerful mood altering medication, and extensive psychotherapy.

She has now made an almost full recovery and therefore is an inspiration to people with mental health problems all over the world.