25 Creative Packaging Designs That Practically Sell Themselves


See, these products show that sex doesn’t always sell. Sometimes genius packaging will do the trick. People will always give in to innovative, and “outside the box” marketing concepts. It motivates, or tempts people into trying new items, even if they know nothing about them. The visual aspect of marketing essentially, is everything… Gnome Bread…

17 Pictures of Amazing Freezer Art Drawings


Some of us just stick a handful of magnets and pictures on our freezer and fridge doors and call it good.  Others take this to a whole new level.  This artist looked at his fridge as a blank canvas. Are you wondering how there are no smudges? Us too!

The New Canadian Passport Looks Incredible Under Black Light


If you have a brand new Canadian passport than we urge you to get a black light and check this out! With the use of “optically variable ink” we now have the world’s most aesthetically pleasing passport. Canada has one-upped everyone on their newly-issued passports and it’s pretty frickin’ awesome! The new Canadian passport under…

Artist Transforms Bananas Into Amazing Works Of Art


With just a pen and a knife, artist Stephan Brusche goes bananas, literally. Good thing no one ever told Stephan to not play with his food. Check out these fun and imaginative “fruit doodles” that are simply amazing. Via: sb77.nl, imgur

15 Exciting and Fun Activities That Will Make Your Kids Absolutely Love You!


Parents everywhere can benefit from these amazing and fun activities to do with your young children.  By mixing fun activities with valuable learning opportunities, you can teach your kids while they love it.  Directions are shown below each image. 1) Safe and Edible Glowing Water Instructions 2) Foaming Dough Snowman Instructions 3) Safe and Edible…

The 16 Most Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy


Whether it’s a happy surprise or a planned step in life, the news of an expecting baby is one of the biggest thing’s in a couple’s life. Resist the temptation of wanting to tell everyone because an unexpected announcement is just so much more fun! The couples in this list found some of the funniest…

Disney Princess Wedding Rings For The Disney Fanatic Bride….Stunning!


If you’re thinking of proposing to your other half, and they’re a Disney Fanatic….then you may want to reconsider your ring design. These are wedding rings inspired by Disney Princesses themselves. They’re even etched with the most popular phrase from their corresponding films. So, if you want to make your bride feel like she is…

Disney Themed Cocktails…A Magical Happy Hour


If you’ve ever been to Disney, you know that food there tastes amazing. No matter how big or small, the food tastes like a little slice of heaven. Disney itself prides themselves on a great deal of details on everything they sell or promote. And, now you can drink Disney! These cocktails have been designed…

Malaysian Mom Makes Meals Way Too Cute Eat


These meals are so adorable, that it will most likely break your heart if you had to actually bring a fork to them, and destroy them. How would you be able to ruin these meals? They’re art! All made by one creative Malaysian mom! If your mom had done this for you when you were…

25 Awesome Nerdy Valentine’s Day Cards


Even nerds can be super romantic during Valentine’s Day. Check out quirky cards and how funny and romantic they can be. Some of the references may seem a little obscure and foreign but that’s what makes them so awesome! #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16…

Guy Turned His Girlfriend Into Disney Princesses For Valentine’s Day


Brian Flynn has put the bar up for all boyfriends and husbands out there. This years for Valentine’s day he wanted to do something extra special for his girlfriend Manini Gupta. Since they are both Disney fans, he “drew up” the perfect solution with the help of an illustrator Dylan Bonner. “I want our relationship…