25+ Ingenious Ways To Sneak Alcohol Into an Event

Most events are best enjoyed with booze and who wouldn’t agree on this statement? I mean, how can you have fun when you’re not a little drunk or tipsy? Alcohol has such a powerful effect that sometimes you need to have it, pronto! Whether it be in concerts, music festivals, sports games, and even cruise ships, it’s always better with one or two (maybe even ten) alcoholic beverages. However the bad part is that not many of these event organizers are welcoming on this idea, especially if it involves helping patrons get up when they’re wasted. Well the reason behind this is quite obvious: drunk people are terribly annoying and sometimes a nuisance to others.
No matter what, you know for sure that hardly any events out there will allow you to BYOB, thus leaving you the option to sneak in alcohol. This is quite daunting for the fearful but for the adventurous ones, they will consider it as an achievement!
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