18 Kids Crying For the Hilariously Random and Pointless Reasons Ever


Kids. They’re the best, but they cry a lot, and often for hilariously random and pointless reasons. 

A dad blogger has documented many of those reasons. Scroll through some of the best/worst!

1. Justin Bieber on the Radio

That will make any kid start bawling uncontrollably …

2. Let Me Go!

Mean old mom and dad had to ruin the fun.

3. Sunscreen Fail

Too much sunscreen? Or too little? Either way, WAAAAAAAAAHHHH!

4. Meeting Iron Man

A little less cool when he doesn’t have the costume on, we suppose.

5. I Don’t Want to Go

Sometimes, when you don’t wanna go somewhere, you gotta throw a fit. Even if there are no plans to actually go somewhere.

6. Poop as a Toy

Probably not a good idea for obvious reasons. Well, not obvious if you’re a kid.

7. Wrecking Ball on TV

That’ll make a kid cry 99 times out of 100. Okay, 100 out of 100.

8. Chucky

Because that’s what every little girl needs at the store.

9. Oh daddy

When you find you can’t marry your daddy, that is cause for grave concern.

10. Mum have another name?!

“No! You’re Mum!Only MUM!”

11. Pet Door Fail

Okay, this one is probably an actual good reason for crying.

12. The Last Cheerio

When you can’t get the last of the Cheerios onto the spoon? Devastation.

13. Leg Hole

Some things are okay to share. This shopping cart leg hole is not one of those things.

14. Dog in the Way

If this dog would only get out of the way, this tragic event could’ve been avoided.

15. Safety NOT First

Trying to keep your kid from drowning will often make them hysterically sad. Such is life.

16. Happy Birthday Song

Usually a big hit with the kids. But not always apparently.

17. Feeding the Goat

When you feed the goat and the goat eats all the food? Cue the tears streaming down the face.

18. Dog Walk Fail

Because when you want to walk the dog, they often like to actually walk. Not cool.