15 Creepiest Places You Need to Visit

There are places on this earth which certainly give us the creeps; places which evoke an otherworldly atmosphere that send eerie goosebumps down our spine. Whenever we visit abandoned places such as hospitals, asylums, islands or theme parks, we feel the need to check our shoulders every now and then not because of paranoia but due to the heavy aura it lends in the air. With undocumented paranormal activities, untold secrets and dark histories, these 15 places will definitely give you the scare of a lifetime as they are believed to be the haunted by ghosts and evil spirits.

1. Pripyat Hospital, Ukraine

1.Pripyat Hospital

Pripyat is an abandoned ghost town near Chernobyl, the place infamously known in history for the occurence of the disastrous nuclear powerplant accident. Almost 29 years since the happening of the Chernobyl disaster, Pripyat seems to be frozen in time. A visit to the Pripyat Hospital is a must for those who would like to experience eerie paranormal activities.