12 Most AMAZING Selfies Ever!

It seems everyone is at it these days, taking selfies in the bathroom, girls pulling duck faces and (most disturbingly) even at funerals.

But occasionally the limits are pushed and some VERY brave (or perhaps stupid?) people take selfies in the most unexpected and dangerous situations. Of course, these go viral and you may have seen some pop up on your facebook feed.

We present to you the top 12 most Shocking Selfies…Ever!

1. Great White Selfie


There have been several faked, photoshopped selfies of people with Great White sharks, (usually where the shark has it´s mouth wide open and looks ready to bite the foolish photographer in half…) But this one is actually real. Dutch photographer Peter Verhoog took this striking picture of a cruising Great White by leaning right out of his cage (inviting the shark to come closer!)