10 Terrifying Creatures You Never Knew Existed!

If you live in the civilised first world, you’ll never encounter the sheer variety and beauty of nature. However, for every cuddly and cute animal in existence, there’s 5 more terrifying and dangerous animals waiting to prey on it (and you, in some cases).

Here we present the 10 most terrifying animals that you probably never even knew existed!

10 The Lonomia Caterpillar



Now this creature looks..kind of pretty, right? You’ll find them all over Brazil, where they are considered an extreme health hazard. Why? Well, their spines are highly poisonous, and you don’t even need to touch them to get stung. If you get close enough, they will LAUNCH their spines straight at you, and if they pierce your skin, you have a miserable time ahead.

Beware these beautiful but dangerous creatures!