10 of The Most Bizarre Phobias

All of us have something of which we are afraid and usually, that something is what others would consider silly. For example, there are those who are afraid of heights and those who fear the dark. Those are fairly typical phobias, but the phobias described here take fear a step further and venture into the everyday as well as the twisted and bizarre.

Deipnophobia – Fear of Dinner Conversation


It does seem as though the fear of dinner conversation would fall under the category of social anxiety, but for some, it is the actual communication at the dinner table that fills them with fear. This deep fear is called deipnophobia. There was a time when people were taught to follow a particular set of conduct rules for social situations. Participation in dinner conversation was taught along with strict guidelines for other table etiquette. Such formalities offered a sense of security. Modern life is different. How does one know how to keep from crossing a line when there are no visible lines? Uncertainty can certainly lead to deipnophobia.