Head line palmistry

In palmistry line head is considered one of the four major lines on the palm. In palmistry the head line is also known as the line of the mind. Along this line, the person is a lot to learn.

Many people believe that if the head line is long, then the person is smart and will achieve good results, and become rich. Actually it’s not so. Long line shows a good memory, and about the person who withdraws into himself.

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Heart line in palmistry

Heart line in palmistry is one of the 4 main lines. It predicts our love relationship and direct our emotions. Through the heart, you can tell a lot about a person. But there are cases where the heart line is absent, such person is called – a heartless person. Such people are not able to show regret, love and appreciate others.

If the line is thin and short, such a person to appreciate financial situation. When the line is wide and long, such a person is extremely proud and jealous.

Breaks in the line of the heart, that such person is a change in the feelings, they are called “windy people.” They do not know how to respect and love, their words are different from actions. These people need to fear.

The ideal heart line should end up on the hill of Jupiter (below the ring finger), also, the line should be thicker middle and deep.

The owner of a palm carefully selects friends and legible to the partner. Such a person is not in a hurry to register their relationship. Such a person is trying to find a perfect match and not let yourself fool. Character strict, but if you strongly attached to such a person, you will see that the more gentle person you will not find.

Such a person is generous, high spirituality with leadership abilities. The character of such a person depends on the mood, he first speaks, and then thinks. Does not hold grudges, and through his pride, not always apologize, even if it is not right.

heart line

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Travel line in palmistry

Line travel on the hand is over the hill above the wrist moon. To see the line of travel, you need to deploy hand edge. For some people, it runs through the whole hand, in some it is very small, so it can be completely absent.

If there is no line travels on the palm, it does not mean that people will not travel. No, he will go on holiday to different cities or countries, but his trip does not have to do with work or family. These people value their family and not exchange it for long-term performance.

Remember this rule, the number of lines of travel does not depend on the number of long trips.

When the line of travel is long and crosses the line of life, palmistry means that travel is closely tied to his life. Such a person is often on the road and make money from tourism.

line travel

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Palmistry money line on hand

In palmistry is no separate line of wealth. By this palmistry small lines which belong to positive lines. People can see the badges of happiness or line. They mean that the person is well developed one or more capabilities. You should know that palmistry is characteristic of a person and if people have signs of money, a gift from birth. If you do not take an active lifestyle, such people may have signs of money and live a poor life.

If lines or characters have no money, do not be disappointed, the person throughout his life has the opportunity to develop their skills, to take the initiative and you are sure to become a successful person.

Remember – the line at the hands of this a person energy map. Due to the physical actions, a person can change his map on hand. There is no Creator without creation. We must remember that you are also the Creator with disabilities.

Now consider the signs of success or as they are called lines of money.

If the life line is connected to the line of fate – people can achieve their dreams. If a person has achieved his dream, it means you are happy soul, which is the most important thing.

Palmistry money line

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Children line in palmistry

To see the lines on the palm of the children, and sometimes, you need to look through a magnifying glass. Lines of children are very small, and in some people they are completely absent.

If the baby was not planned for the person as a burden when there is no parental love and affection, such people have a line of children are completely absent in his life, he may have a lot of children. And if the child for the parents joy, such people can see a line of children on the line of life and on the hill of Mercury.

The long-awaited first-born can be seen on the line of life. This little dashes, which are connected with a line of life. In palmistry have a rule, if a small line that goes from top to bottom, and are connected with the main line – a line of joy (positive events). It is known that for parents, especially for women, the birth of a child is a great joy.

When the line departs down a little from the main line – a line of sadness (negative events).

Line joy also present on the lines of the heart. In palmistry heart line is the same, that the line of the soul. This means that a small line speaks of spiritual joy.

line of children

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Palmistry fate line

Fate line known as the line of Saturn, which starts at the wrist and goes up to the middle finger. Saturn’s hill is located below the middle finger. In chiromancy is responsible for career and all that is connected with work and money. Also, you can determine the fate of human reliability.

If the line is deep and clear, it means a person is honest and fair. Wavy line can be seen on the liars and hypocrites.

The drug addicts or alcoholics, those who have lost the meaning of life, the destinies of little or no line.

Line of fate is better in men than in women. There are cases where the woman has a deep and long line. Such a woman principal and honest. Now let’s consider in more detail:

if the line is long and clear, but not greasy, and ends up on the hill of Saturn – is honest, fair and financially independent individuals.

life fate

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Palmistry reading – life line

In Palmistry hand reading begins with the line of life, it is considered to be the main line.

The most important line on the hand on palmistry is the life line. Life line begins just below the index finger. Line describes a semicircle on the palm and ends at the wrist. In some people, the life line does not reach the wrist, has a discontinuity, or connected to another line. On this, let’s talk a little bit later.

If the life line is deep and there is no gap, then life would be without problems. This line is considered ideal.

life line

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